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Blessings, beloved sisters,
It’s quiet around my home right now and I have been working on a word study on the words, heritage and reward. Specifically on the passage in Psalms 127:3 which reads,
Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from Him.
Children are a heritage.. in the hebrew, the word is nahla.. it means.. inheritance. They are our inheritance. Also used for property, estate such as you would be given as an inheritance. They are precious. They are handed down gifts from above. They are jewels in our crowns as mothers and a reward given by the LORD. Precious. Jewels. Reward.. Sakar… reward, wages, money paid for hire.
What higher job do we have in life then to teach them Who Jesus is? What better reward for then to see them come to Jesus and repent and ask Him to be their own Lord and Savior? What higher calling is there? Then our children learn that they too are wonderfully and fearfully made. They learn what real self esteem is… to be called a redeemed child of God. That He gave up everything for their salvation..That they are treasures to Him. And what a legacy, what an inheritance to see them grow and serve the LORD on their own chosing. I know it is such a joy to see my children chosing on their own to serve at church with the giftings God has blessed them with. My mother once told me and it has stuck with me… How can she not serve the LORD when He has given her so much? She suffered from Multiple Schloris and taught almost every week for almost 50 years the 2’s and 3’s. With joy and sacrifice. What a legacy I was given! To see such love for Him in her life. I am teaching this truth into my children. That serving and giving back to the LORD with the fruit of my hands, every day, not just at church is an act of love and worship. Even scrubbing the bathrooms, caring for the laundry, taking out the trash, even the most mundane tasks can be a gift to Him.
As we set about serving our families today. May we remember that our children are a blessing, not a curse. That they are our inheritance. And serving them is a living legacy that they can ‘catch’ as we all know, truths are better caught then taught, that serving others is an act of love and worship..
I pray God will bless all who would read

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