Thursday Ramblings

I have to say, God is so good! I am so undeserved of His grace and mercy but He is Who He is. He is love. He is justice. He is mercy. He is the Great I am Who is the Mountain from where my help comes from! He has proved Himself big and I’m overwelmed.

I have lots on my to do list today. I have gotten a head start. Bread is in the machine, laundry is started, kitchen is cleaned. I have studies to attend to and tomatoes to plant. Think I’ll wait for the tomatoes til the kids are home. They like to plant with me.

I am grateful for new beginnings. New Starts. Fresh Renewels. That His mercies are new every morning 🙂

I am grateful for my family being healthy.

I am grateful for my church family. Treasures not to be taken lightly

I am grateful for a God Who cares about even the little stuff like to do lists and homework..

I am anxiously awaiting my package from vision forum to arrive. Maybe today or tomorrow. I ordered the package with books on making money from your homestead, frugal living, living a simpler life and dvd’s on candle making, making soap and such. I can’t wait!

I should get going on my sewing of Trent’s pants. I need to get past the guilt of sewing. It’s a love of mine and I tend to feel guilty when I should be sewing… silly I know…

I also have apron’s I’m sewing and am thinking of giving an apron away as a blog give a way.. hmmmm.. reason to sew? I think so :0

Tender hugs to all who would read

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