A Godly Woman..Weak or Strong?

I hope this finds you blessed!  We are women created in His image. We are meek yet full of strength. Let’s face it, if men were to give birth, we would be existent!  All kidding aside, God has given women a high calling. And I believe it is time that we rise up and be what He is calling us to be. Women of the Word of God, soaked in prayer and nurturer of our future.

There is so much to be scared off in the news. Our economy is suffering as so many are losing jobs, losing their homes and not sure what the future holds for them. Many are just plain weary and tired. We must step up and be Jesus’s hands and feet. Bringing food, clothing and necessities to those in need. Bringing the love of Jesus to those around us.

We know Who holds the world in His hands. The world is His and He is still sitting on the Throne. He is merciful and He is good. We are His ambassadors so we must rise up now and be that to the people in our neighborhoods, in our schools, in our grocery stores and our work places.

I love this verse above. From our founding passage of Proverbs 31, it states, she laughs at the future. If one is confidant in Who holds that future, we can move on in strong faith knowing no matter what happens, it will work out for our good if we love Jesus. And if we love Jesus, we will show that love to others.

We Must Stand Up Now and Get Out of our Comfort Zones, dear ones!!! We are clothed in strength and dignity. Now let’s laugh at the future and RISE UP!!

In His Love,

Mrs A

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