Homemaker’s Notebook.. Then and Now

This is my notebook from last year..

These are pictures of my Homemaker’s Notebook/Organizer. I have it up and running. Still want to incorporate more into it as I want to add a gardening journal but so far I have


  • Spiritual .. my daily devotions and a prayer journal. With Affirmations and Power Tools section

  • Prayers

  • Home Care.. with grocery shopping lists and menu’s

  • Daily Tasks and a Calendar

  • Projects

  • Prospects and Client lists as well as an address book 🙂

I am on a journey to becoming the Woman God Calls me to Be. I hope you would join me!


But I’m coming into the modern age, just a little bit and have been blessed to been given a Samsung Galaxy  Tablet. It has programs which I’m enjoying. One in particular is called Evernote. This is a free app and it keeps all my notes in order and I can even set up different “notebooks”. I have found a  free app for my garden journal. I have my whole family’s schedule on cozi and it sync’s with my outlook calendar. 

I can even download a Bible on there with my Logos Bible Software for further bible study with me! You Version is a wonderful free app. So My Homemaker’s Notebook is moving into the modern age 🙂


But there is one area that I’m not quite ready to move on with… my prayer journal. I am still needing the feel of a pen and paper so I keep my journals …. a bit of the past that probably will never change 🙂

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