Homeskilling Finds and Goodies!

I’m a homebody by nature 🙂 I love all things home. I love all things vintage and old fashioned but I have to admit, I LOVE TECHNOLOGY! I love my kitchaide mixer to make my bread. I love my smoothie maker to make my shakeology. I love my pc to find new recipes and new ideas. 
I think I would be lost without technology 🙂 My beloved just got me a samsung galaxy tablet and I have recently discovered Evernote. You can use this for both Ipad and Droid. It has a note function and allows you to file notes into ‘notebooks’. Handy and convenient. It now replaces all those papers in my bag! I have also discovered it’s sticky notes! No more pieces everywhere. They are now placed  neatly on my desktop of my pc 🙂  I just downloaded a garden planner. No more will you find me with my head deep in big books spread out all over the table…
You can google evernote 🙂
What would I do with these products that make my life so much easier?  As much as I love these conveniences, I still need one item from the past… the apron. How did I live without it? I become feminine and soft. I feel a connection to my mother when I wear it. I save time on cleaning and when I see my daughter wear it I am brought to quiet joy 
this is my recommendation for the day of simple organization in homeskilling!
in His love,
mrs a

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Mrs A is the founder of Proverbs 31 Jewels. Blissfully married to Mr. A and mother of five gifts from heaven. A Coffee Loving, Child & Dog Chasing, Homeschooling mom and a college student attending Liberty University. She is a devoted Jesus Follower and loves to dig into the Word!

4 thoughts on “Homeskilling Finds and Goodies!

  1. I’m getting much more tempted by the idea of an iPad I can carry around the house for lists & stuff. Being tethered to the desktop makes it much too easy to play.

    I still can’t bring myself to an apron, although I should~ I’m a messy cook. Even if I had one, I can’t figure out a handy place to keep one. There’s not even a place to hang a hook in my kitchen where anything hanging wouldn’t be in the way of doors & pull-outs. I guess I’m not desperate enough. 🙂

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