Need a Mid Year Pick Me Up?

Mid Year Pick Me Ups

Do you ever feel about this time of the year, the need of a pick me up in your homeschool? I know we do and have this year. So we are bringing in a little bit of the outside. We are planting our garden and taking time to measure ( math) out the planting boxes. Preparing the soil (science) and growing plants from seeds (science and nature studies).

Of course, there is a lot of reading and finding what plants grow best together.  We are researching what bugs we want to visit our garden. We are learning how to preserve the harvest as well. Lots and Lots of planning.


While this plan works for us, your thing may not be gardening. I would encourage you to find a way to change-up your schedule and go outside for a bit. The reading can be done nicely on a deck chair with some tea. One can study the stars at night and keep track of the changing of the moon. Encourage our children to get in touch with their Creator and learn of Him as a creative God will teach them of another aspect of Who He is and that is a main goal of mine.  I want them to come to know Jesus in a real and concrete way. Someday, it will be up to them to answer to God of what they chose of His Son. I want to help and encourage their choice.

Speaking of our Lord Jesus, are you keeping up with your quiet time? Are you finding yourself dragging? I know how hard it is to get up earlier. I fight this myself. But we have to stay fed and well fed on the meat of His Word! We must stay nourished if we are going to be any good to those we teach. Maybe pick up a fresh devotions. Jesus Calling by Sarah Young is wonderful! Hinds Feet on High Places is another wonderful devotional 🙂 I highly recommend them both!

Why not pull out the games? If you find, as I did, that one of your children is struggling in one area, why not make a Game Week and concentrate on that one area. We had a math week last week and played a lot of review and fun games which helped him remember his facts so he could proceed with the next lessons and we had fun in the process. It allowed for some relief from the day-to-day drudgery that was starting because of winter.

And if all else fails, visit Grandma!


in His love,


mrs a

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