My Summer Bucket List-Monday!

My Goodness but it’s Summer already! Did your school year pass by fast? Mine sure did! I blinked and it was Christmas. Blinked again and it was Easter. Blinked a third time and it’s July! I have a lot on my bucket list. Do you? If you would like to read and join in the discussion, come to Sunflower Schoolhouse-Bucket List to read other ladies and their lists!

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We are blessed to live in Northern California and there is a lot to see and explore here.  We have already been blessed to go camping up at Lake Almanor. Gorgeous area. Time spent with my family, relaxing, soaking up in His creation. This got me thinking… I want to explore!

So my first item on my bucket list is to explore …

  1. Find a local museum and study our city’s history. Find out who settled the land and what industry was created or instituted. What is the agriculture in our area? Learn as much as you can. Hands on activities are always my boys favorite! Farming and Wineries are big in my town. A unique mix of cowboys and wine, rodeos and antiques. I love living in such a unique small town 🙂
  2. Search out the charitable organizations in your area. See where your family can be hands and feet to those in need.
  3. We are lucky to be close enough to be near a large city with a lot of history and wonderful museums. We plan on going to the Planetarium. T4 has been studying Astronomy and is fascinated with it and we even have some tickets! Time to pack up the car and go!
  4. Lots of opportunity to fellowship at church this summer. I love my church family! This week, my dh, dear T3 and T4 are gone on a youth leadership camp and I already miss them. They left this morning at 4 am! Time to spend lots of time in the Word for all of us, some of us get to enjoy His creation once again :) 
  5. Take more time to enjoy my family. We are SO BUSY during the school year, with all the activities, sports, and because my babies are all getting older, ( my youngest just left of YOUTH camp..I  just can’t wrap my mind around that), it is just nice to live on a slower pace. I want to soak up every moment of my children’s lives. We play a lot of games ( yup, a lot of games in our school room too 🙂  ) but a lot of learning can happen with games! Apples for Apples, Monopoly, Bibleopoly, homeschoolopoly and I’m gonna teach them backgammon this summer! So many games, not enough time 🙂

This is just a start! I will post more tomorrow!


What’s on your summer bucket list?


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7 thoughts on “My Summer Bucket List-Monday!

    1. Camping is so much fun!!!! We hope to go one more time but we will have to see 🙂 we just might camp out in the back yard! God bless you, Lisa!

  1. Love that you’re exploring your local community! It sounds lovely- I want to visit! 🙂 Actually, my family has hoped to visit Northern California for quite a few years now but we keep getting sidetracked. Hopefully we’ll get there one day to see the giant Redwood trees. It may not be on my summer bucket list, but it is on a bucket list. :

    1. Blessings, Tonya! You will be blessed if you ever come and see our Redwoods 🙂 They are proof of a Living God 🙂 You’d be most welcome! Thank you for stopping by my blog 🙂 God bless!

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