Praying for our Nations, June 2nd Edition

What a week! Bombings in a Kenyan church killing Christians as they were worshipping, crazy rulings from the American Supreme Court, and a constant running away from a gracious, loving and merciful God. We must pray! We must not give up or become complacent.

Father God,

I come in Your Son’s precious name and plead for this rebellious nation. We have walked away from Your grace and we are lost in our own foolishness. You have said that You would use the foolishness of this world to teach .. I  ask that You Kingdom come, Your will be done here on earth as it is in Heaven. I pray for grace. May we rise up and speak grace to this world! May we be the light on the hill. Jesus, may Your church  be a witness of your love and mercy and not sit in judgement  of others. May we be willing to  be selfless and walk blamelessly  so others may see only You. May we raise You alone to the world that they may come to know you and be saved

in Jesus name I pray


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