Short Cuts Galore!

A while back, Amanda, aka ChristianWkgMom, asked, what are your short cuts? We want to hear from YOU! Please comment with your favorite tip!

  • Have a menu. Prepare a menu for each week. Maybe even two. Shop with this in mind and thus helps not only the budget but also on time because you’re not wondering what to make and what you have in your freezer.
  • Have a schedule. Now wait a minute before crying 🙂 I’m not asking you to be legalistic or rigid but have a plan. Have a calendar that each member’s schedule is on it. Color code it for easy tracking 🙂 has a really nice program. And it’s free!
  • Once a month cook. You always have a meal prepared in your freezer! You can spend one day a month or two and cook up two to a month’s worth of meals OR just double up your meals for a week or two and freeze one each night. Homemade meals already to go :) 
  • For homework, have an inbox for all day’s work and an outbox so you can check them before returning to school. 
  • have a binder with a  section for each member of the family. Add a pocket divider and add all receipts, important info, invites, etc. This helps keep momma straight and kids at the right place 😉
  • quarterly, try to clean out closets and make ‘blessing boxes’ and allow your children to help 🙂 Keep the clutter down. Less to clean!

what are some of yours? 

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