Some Timing Saving Tips

Joining in with Amanda,(ChristianWkgMom) who asks, what are your time-saving tips… Here are a few of mine


  • Always keep my freezer stocked with meat and prepared foods. I will cook up chopped chicken and cooked hamburger in recipe sized portions for quick and easy meals when we are busy or I just plain don’t want to cook 🙂 I just pull it out and make tacos, chicken salad, etc.
  • Keep a menu going. Plan for your week. 
  • Keep my crock pot ready! For busy moms, a crock pot is a must! Just put your dinner in the pot first thing in the morning and be ready when it’s time for dinner! 
  • If you have little ones, mornings can be tough.Have their backpacks ready to run out the door in the morning… so much easier!
  • Make your lunches the night before. The more you can prepare the night before, the better..
  • Check in and be sure you do not have any last-minute trips to the store. Check each week for needed materials.
  • Keep a running grocery list on your frig and if you have it on your smartphone, even better!
  • Use a program such as for keeping your schedules straight!

these are just a few…what are yours?

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