Summer Bucket List #2.. Home Improvement

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The List Item Number 2

Home Improvement!


For those of you who don’t know, we suffered a flood back in April which took out our kitchen and schoolroom which is directly beneath the kitchen. Our hot water line broke which went to the dishwasher. The kitchen is finished and we are putting on finishing touches downstairs. Today, we are completing the floors and putting furniture in place. We all took time to redesign what we wanted as we starting a new year 😉  See, we had to replace ceilings, walls and the floors. It was gutted.

Why not start over? We got to dream of ‘the perfect room’. It is morphing from a young boys schoolroom to a teens room.. We are keeping the quiet reading area but the blocks are going away. The science area is expanding and we are setting up a computer station. We are taking away the younger pictures on the walls and looking for age appropriate, academically relevant posters and ideas to hang around the room. It was a brown room, now a lovely blue.. we are still in the design phase!

The boys helped, actually put in most of the flooring themselves with supervision of Dad and I. They were able to gain their weight room back and redesigned that as well.
This gives the boys the knowledge how to fix things, repair and use their hands. And the girls too. We want our children to learn self sufficiency as much as possible. Let them know how to do things so when they move out, they know how to cook, how to clean, how to take care of themselves and make repairs as needed. And to fix things together as a family is fun! They get to design their space, their rooms, and since we spend so much time in this room, we felt it was important for them to have an imput into its design as well.”

We are so not done so I will post pics with the finished product but we are slinging hammers and moving furniture today 🙂 Building memories and growing hearts 🙂


What’s on your list?

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6 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List #2.. Home Improvement

  1. What a huge project! I’m glad to hear that it’s nearing the end and you’re loving the results. Our finished basement flooded and it was just a bit stressful and wasn’t nearly as difficult to replace as a kitchen would be- or as hard to do without in the process. 🙂
    I’m right with you on training your kids so they know how to build, repair and maintain things when they move out. My husband is a contractor and my boys have worked with him since they could pick up trash. Now they can install windows, side a house and fix things I’d never dream of!
    Glad to find your site. 🙂

    1. I’m so sorry for your flood! Oh you are ahead of us! We haven’t had to put in windows are such yet! Thank God you have a contractor for a hubbie 🙂 Mine is a Pastor and he also owns an Auto Repair shop so he’s pretty handy fixin’ cars 🙂 We’ve noticed a lot of men didn’t learn how to use their hands and it was a big reason we choose to give a ‘well rounded’ education 🙂

      I’m enjoying chatting and reading your blog as well!

      God bless!

  2. I love it when kids get involved helping around the house. I imagine they have had a great time helping to build and design the room! I know my kids love to help and be taught what needs to be done. I am thrilled to have found you and your site! Can’t wait to check more of your blog out!

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