Motherhood is a Ministry Series, Day Four

Motherhood is a Ministry Series




Ok, Time for a Top Ten! My Top Ten.. or maybe more, favorite moments as a mom so far 🙂


  1. The day I found out I would be a mom.. either for the first time or even each recurring time. Thrilling times of dreams, excitement and extreme joy..  the feeling of being special.. though being pregnant is not new or revolutionary to the world, it was very revolutionary each time to who I am and my place in the world …The Morning Sickness, I could do without!
  2. Each Birth. Everyone was different yet exciting. The first look and touch of each baby. The whole experience will forever touch my world
  3. The lessons I learned with each child. The newness, the fear even, the joy when they learned a new task or climbed a new hurdle. The firsts… first word, first step,  I love it all!
  4. First day at school.. the tears, the joy, the pride.. the whole experience… watching them grow is a real blessing!
  5. Watching them find their own giftings. Each child is so different! They are all created with their own tendencies, their own likes and dislikes. Parenting opposites can be tricky! Thank God for His wisdom and the concept of boundaries 🙂
  6. Watching our children perform in their areas of giftings and talents. Seeing both my husband and myself in our children and their own individual lives playing out it an adventure!
  7. Finding what really matters. Children teach is probably more than we could ever teach them. God can use the sound of a newborn crying for hours to fine tune our hearts.. can I get an amen?
  8. As they grow up and leave home, seeing them step out can be scary if I didn’t have the Lord.
  9. Learning to take one day at a time. This is not easy for this control freak 🙂 Learning to place all trust in God has been my saving grace. How can we parent effectively in this day and age without Him?
  10. And Most Importantly.. when my children accepted the Lord as their own personal Savior and watching them develop their own relationship with Christ. This is my sole purpose right now. To build up and encourage my children in the Lord. PERIOD..

what are your top ten?

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