Motherhood is a Ministry Series, Day Three

Motherhood is a Ministry Series





Blessings, Mommas!

I pray you had a wonderful weekend! Our weekends are becoming really busy since school is approaching and the football season has started! Setting up a new routine for school can be taxing and exillerating a the same time! I LOVE this time of year! I take this time to refine my schedules, make new menus and a lot of shopping for clothes and school supplies.

Many  mothers are preparing lunches and car pooling schedules, making plans for after-school activities and the care of our charges. My prayers are with all of us as we pray and plan for the  new adventure of a new year. Plans and schedules are my friend 😉 I may not always stick with them to a “t” but they help my world run smoothly. Here are a few reasons why..

  • Do you plan ahead? Schedules and Plans relieve stress. Taking the time to set up menus and grocery lists so you only have to shop once a week is a time saver. It also saves a lot on the budget.
  • Keep a record of teacher notes.. many teachers now send home.
  • Have a homework nook set up. Have a designated quiet area for homework.
  • If you homeschool, set up a schedule which allows for freedom of learning but also has set times to leave the school room for outside fun! Plan times also for your homekeeping to be completed.Do not allow laundry to pile or dishes to add up in the kitchen. This is a stress reliever 🙂
  • Keep a calendar that incorporates every family members schedule. Keep it posted and updated! This is the hard part.. keep it updated! We are using and it goes to each member’s’ phone 🙂
  • Keep a notebook or smart phone with a notepad on it with you everywhere you go! Keep a small purse sized accordion file to keep daily receipts when you are out and about.
  • Simplify everything you can! Keep the back packs ready to go the night before, laid out by the front door. Make your lunches the night before and store them in the fridge. Anything you can do the night before makes for an easier morning!
  • Keep an in and out box system for mail and notes from the school room if you home school or papers to return to the teacher at your school. A good filing system helps keep moms on track!
  • Have a family dinner night. Try to always eat together when possible. This not only keeps communication open and allows to find out what needs to be done. I cannot recommend this strong enough!

There are just a start. I would LOVE to read and share your tips for a smooth running new school year!  Please leave a comment and I will share it tomorrow!


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