Returning to Reality… Life is GOOD!


I, Mrs A, have been so quiet here lately! Let me tell you why 🙂

I am the proud mother of five unique blessings. I have five gifts from God. Our middle daughter, is a lot like her father. Very gifted in drama and musical arts. My T-Belle, (I’ll call her) leans towards dramatic arts. She competed in the spring in our church’s district Fine Arts Festival and was invited to compete in the National Fine Arts Convention. We spent the week in Louisville, Kentucky and fell in love with the area! Absolutely GORGEOUS! Wonderful people there and just plain gorgeous city.


We spent the week rehearsing, enjoying seeing so many gifted and polite teens, displaying the talents and gifts that God has instilled in them. We watched some amazing  human videos. If you do not know what these are, they are dramatic displays of a short message given in song, dance, cheerleading type moves and it all gives a story. Their bodies become instruments.. Amazing! 

There were categories ranging from drama to music. From instrumental to voice selections. Worship leading to preaching. I was overwhelmed at the talent, the sweetness and politeness of 12,000 teens and adults all one area of town, walking, attending services, all displaying the witness of a Loving God to all they came in contact with. T-Belle competed twice.  She got high marks in her first event, drama solo.  She took highest marks on her second, dramatic quoting. This is taking a passage of the Word, word for word, and dramatizing it. We couldn’t be more proud!




We also went on ‘3 hour milk shake runs’.  Now, to get this joke, you must understand that my beloved husband and I love car rides. And we have been known to go out to look for milk shakes, especially on vacation with the kids and go exploring  to find milk shakes. Our longest trip was three hours long to find a milk shake 🙂 Hence, the name. T-Belle and I, being from the “left coast”, have not ever had the pleasure of  experiencing the joy of Waffle House and we also found Oreo  Shakes at Chick-fil-a!  It became a running joke of our trip 🙂

We also had the blessing to drive to Nashville and visit the Country Music Hall of Fame.  Such fun!

Now, we’re home and preparing for reality. School is about to start-up once again. Football practices are keeping the boys busy and tired from two-a-days. I’m making lists and planning out lessons.  I love Fall and it always feels like a new beginning.

That’s what I’ve been up to.. Back to Regularly Scheduled Programming here back at home!

 Mrs A

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