Where is your Mind?

Girlfriend, where is your mind today? Where is your focus? Do you that we tend to become what we focus on?


      For as he thinks within himself, so he is.

Proverbs 23:7a  


Do you self condemn? Do you rehash over and over the past in your heart? What we think about is how we behave. Are you raising children? Ever wonder why they misbehave? What are they hearing? We must be so careful about what we allow our minds to ponder and dwell on. We become what we think.

Have we been hurt? Focusing on that hurt turns our hurt into bitterness. Focusing on ourselves is pride. Have we really, truly worth our constant thought? How about focusing on God’s promises!Why not change? What is in our hearts will bubble out. It is inevitable. It is going to happen.

I want to just say, hey, realize you are precious today, dear one!

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You are more precious than Jewels! Do you truly know this? Start reading what the Word says about you! Start with the Psalms. Keep reading one a day. Let it speak to your soul.  Instead of beating you  up or making a mistake, or allowing the enemy of our soul bring back up something we have already repented of and is in the past, try saying to yourself that You Are Forgiven and Free! You are created in God’s image and He loves you!

I challenge you to try this for two weeks.  Let’s build each other up today!

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