Filofax anyone?

Filofax Anyone?


I am a lover of planners. I have been using a homemade homemaker’s notebook for years. This past year, I have been using my phone. It is very convienent but I still love paper.  I will always use my online calendar but… I missed my planner. I love the convience of our online calendar that each one of my family contributes to and I will keep this still use this but for me, I need a place where I can keep notes, easily refer too quickly and I just prefer a paper organizer.


I have been seeing a lot of pins on pinterest  lately and discovered Filofax. I have never heard of them before. I have been using a Franklin Covey system for years and than I started making them more personal from a business set up to a family organizer/business/homemaker’s notebook system. But, what I am finding as such fun is the creative expression that these filofax lovers are displaying!

Many are decorating their filofax’s like a scrapbook and well, I am now hooked. Purchased a personal Red Domino.


I was a little disappointed at its size but I’m pleased. ( I just purchased another Red Domino but this time, an A5). It has not arrived yet! I have a bag ( I need a system to organize this bag) of stickers, scrap-book supplies and scissors. I have started my new craze…

Filofax love


It’s not much but it is a start. I am working on a table of context page.. for references of color coding which matches our online calendar and each section.

well, I will write more but it’s late and I really just wanted to check in. As with most things with me, my homemaker’s notebook is growing and changing.. and it life is about to change in  a big way!

more to come!



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