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Blessings, Dear Ones!

Is it hot enough for  you this summer? It is heating up here in my neck of the woods. We just got back from a short vacation and preparing for several weeks away from home and I’m trying to soak it all up. Big changes are coming to my home as I am ‘seeing’ my second child to college and our routines have become scrambled.

I have been thinking a lot of my past. Time spent remembering my children as they have grown over the years. Even with all the good times, there are areas of my life I would like to have a do over.. a second chance. If I am not careful, I can allow those times of regrets to derail me, if I allow my mind to wander, I can end up dealing with unforgivness and shame.

But, He has forgiven me. I am now living in the freedom given me by His grace and I can live without guilt or shame because I am no longer a slave to sin. Will I make a mistake or sin again? Yes, of course I will. Do I live in free grace where I can just live willy nilly by my own will and ignore the freedom bought at  the highest price heaven could pay? heavens NO! But, I am free and I desire to live an obedient life to all He has called me to.

Gone, I pray, are the days of living a life of types.   You know, I am this type of mother, or I am that type of mother. I am conservative or liberal, yellow or green, work outside the home-work in the home, whatever. I am so tired of labels! I just want to ‘be’. And isn’t that what He calls us to be?  My love language is doing…He has shown me such love, it is so easy for me to show my love by helping out and ‘being a doer’. But, if one is not careful, we can become known by what we ‘do’ and forget how to ‘be’ a Christ follower. Too much of a good thing can become a bad thing.

Dwelling on the past shames and regrets can rob us from today. We can lose the joy of doing and become so hooked on rules that we forget that we free in the grace of God.

Jesus is my reason for living. He is my all in all. He has forgiven me much so I can love much. I will not let my past get in the way of my future and will not let it burden my present. Dear one, I pray you will allow this Savior, This Jesus heal your wounds so you can, Learn to Be, not just Do 🙂

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Mrs A is the founder of Proverbs 31 Jewels. Blissfully married to Mr. A and mother of five gifts from heaven. A Coffee Loving, Child & Dog Chasing, Homeschooling mom and a college student attending Liberty University. She is a devoted Jesus Follower and loves to dig into the Word!

2 thoughts on “The Past and Present

  1. Ok I am actually in tears. Only just moments ago I was pondering my past failures ina too young marriage (while in Christ) and when I made bad choices or felt when I didn’t measure up as a mom. I made so many mistakes in my 20’s and struggled with my walk with God. My oldest is now 18 and I look back at all the mistakes I made. WOW I so needed to hear this. Thank YOU for bringing me back!!

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