What are your Dreams?

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I have a dream. It is not the same one that I started out with. Or is it? As a young woman, I had no idea of what I wanted to do with my life. I swayed here and went there if you get my drift. One job led to another job, none had lasting value. I had no idea of what God had for me..

But, as I went to college, I discovered I loved teaching preschoolers. It hadn’t even tweaked my thinking that my love of helping in Sunday School might be a gifting…@@ Ok, yes, I can be rather thick-skulled when it comes to myself 🙂 I found my niche. I was excited and loved teaching for many years. But, the dream of attending college and completing my degree never emerged.

As I got married, I continue to teach and I quickly started praying for a child of my own. When the time was right and He honored that gift, I stayed home to Momma to raise my first daughter. I quit my job and gave up ‘teaching’ for nurturing. It wasn’t long til I put the two together… yes, are our best teachers, especially when they are tiny and very young.  My classroom, my mission field became my own home.  I thought my dream had ended there. I had a sense of purpose and I knew what I was doing was leaving an eternal mark, even small, but I was following what He had planned for me.

Do you believe Dreams can Change?

As my five children are growing, so are my dreams. Well, to be honest, I didn’t realize it was. Motherhood is a ministry in itself and it is easy to get so dug into what we are doing that we lose sight of our dreams or our future plans. We push them aside and rightfully so, for the time of babies and toddlers takes all our time, takes a lot of strength and we are so often weary from long sleepless nights. There are many tasks that need attending to with each different age. Mothering is so worth the effort! Memories are made and we should love and parent with no regrets! Joy in the journey is all about others, yes?

Praying is Dreaming. We pray about what matters most. You know the verse,

Delight yourself in the LORD;
And He will give you the desires of your heart.(Ps 37:4).

This passage is often taken out of context. But, do you know, the dreams, the desires of your heart are what He gives? When we seek Him first, when we are taking delight in His word and in our relationship with Him, our desires become His desires, our dreams become His dreams.

Dreams grow as we grow. Our faith grows with our dreams. If we dream small, our faith is small but if we dream big, our faith will match it. When we dream big, so big that it is only possible when God steps in, He gets glorified! I want my life to glorify Him. Can we dream for years on end? I believe so.  I never believed I would be returning to college after 25 years. But I am! I am a junior with Liberty University this fall!  As we send off our oldest son to Liberty, I will be joining him on the west coast as a fellow student online 🙂


Do not ever hinder your dreams with unbelief. Do not limit God! Dream Big!




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