RePost: Work/Home Balance,Does It Really Exist, Part 2

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Balance, Juggling Act

As I began to strategize about how to deliver a well-balanced and “intelligent” message about the struggles of women in the work place I had a brilliant epiphany. CREATE A TABLE! After all, everyone knows in order to present anything worthwhile you simply must have a table, if not an entire slide show presentation. So I opened up the wonder that is “Word” on my computer and went to work. I created two columns in my table.

The table would list all of my tasks or responsibilities for each type of task I performed. The left hand column would be the “Work” column. In it would go the things I do at work such as 8-5 office duties, after hours events, trade shows and traveling, etc. The right hand column would include al the other “stuff” I have to accomplish within any given day or week. This column would of course be more complicated than the one for work so I decided to break it down by types of tasks.

I began my right hand column with categories like Husband, Kids, House, Church, etc. Then under each category I listed all the things I could think of that are regularly occurring responsibilities I have from that category. For example, under Church I listed things like choir practice, Sunday services, drama rehearsals, meals cooked, etc.

As my fingers furiously swept across the keyboard the right hand column got longer and longer. Before I knew it I was half way down the second page. Whew! I didn’t know I did so much! While that was a bit revelational what truly struck me was the fact that I was half way down the second page of my table before I ever got to the “Me” category.

Hmmm. What does that mean? It is a clear indication that finding time to take care of myself is a challenge and that I am not just imagining it. Score 1 for the home team! I might just be onto something here! But wait. As a Christian woman aren’t I supposed to put others before I put
myself? After all, we are trained from birth to be caretakers. We are created as nurturers. I’m supposed to get everything done for everyone else before I do the “ME STUFF”, right?

Stay tuned. I think this needs a little more investigation. What do you think? Weigh in and let me know your thoughts. When we get together again, we will look a little deeper at a woman who thought that way and see what we can learn from her.

Be Blessed and know you are valuable!


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