Pretty feet and proclamations – God speaks to us.

Finding HIM in the little things.
Finding HIM in the little things.

Okay girls, here is the latest earthshaking and incredibly deep post from the harried working mom of the Midwest.

It’s been INCREDIBLY busy lately with my in-laws coming in the day before I was to head out on a 4 day business trip, my kids coming to visit every other night or so to see Aunt Nancy, Grandma and Grandpa whose trip was extended by about a week due to the floods in Colorado washing out the railroad tracks that would be taking them home, my husband leaving on an unavoidable business trip while Grandma and Grandpa were here, the church choir (that your husband directs) starts back up from a summer break, trying to sell a house and football season starting up. Please don’t interpret my description of my recent house guests as complaining. I have loved and tried to savor every second of it but to do so, I put many things on the back burner before they came and while they were here. Now I know we are all crazy busy whether we work outside the home or our job is a full-time stay at home mom but there are different levels of crazy busy. So to demonstrate the out-of-controllness of late, I would say that this is the kind of busy where I, (throat clear) I mean YOU are now living out of your half unpacked suitcase that is on your bedroom floor right next to your husbands half unpacked suitcase. YOU are scrounging to find clean underwear because the thought of going commando for the day is causing you nightmares. Your roots need to be done so badly you are well on your way to sporting a full-on hombre-do and your toenails & feet are looking as though they have been on a week-long trek through the Mojave. That doesn’t even begin to get into how bad the dogs need to be groomed. They are, after-all, on the same salon schedule that you are.

So hubby and I took Saturday off and then last night after a full Sunday schedule, I took some time for just me. That’s right ladies. I FINALLY did my toenails and feet! Aaaahhhhh! What a tremendous feeling. I mean come on. What’s more fantastic than a pretty set of toes and feet that don’t shred your sheets at night? In fact, I did such a good job that I was determined to wear sandals to work today even though I left the house in weather that wasn’t even 50 degrees. A girl has to set priorities.

So I arrived at the office got my coffee, got out my to-do list and opened up my daily computer devotions. You’ll never guess what the scripture was. Turn with me if you will (I’ve always wanted to say that) to Isaiah 52:7. “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, Your God reigns!” While I am fully aware that walking barefoot on the mountains does not make for a pretty pedi, I could not overlook the timeliness of the message. My heart was warmed by the thoughtfulness and even the humor of my Heavenly Father gently reminding me that while I was starting my week off feeling pretty snazzy from the bottom up, I needed to be sure not to neglect doing the things that me more attractive to HIM. He was reminding to me focus on sharing his story and His joy with others.

You may read this and think that this is a bit of a stretch but I think that we often run around as Christians looking for the sky to part and angels to come out of the clouds trumpeting major revelations into our lives and so often we miss the smaller, more subtle nuances of God. Those little things are so often the things that show his character and personality. They show that he cares in all the tiny little details of your life. I absolutely ADORE those moments and wish I could put them all in a bottle forever. Since I cannot I will revel in them when they come just happy to know that God speaks to us.

What sort of things has he done for you lately to strengthen you in your day to day life of running to and fro? What has he done to remind you that you are loved? Share them with us so that we can all learn to recognize his hand in our lives even more.

Be blessed and keep the comments coming!

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One thought on “Pretty feet and proclamations – God speaks to us.

  1. Oh Amanda,

    Beautiful are the feet of the one who brings good news! I was so blown away by your hospitality and the care you showed while I was blessed to visit! I am blown away on how busy your life is and how jammed packed it is yet you are one of the most gracious woman I have ever met!

    I love how God speaks to us right where we are at. He is in the little things, He wasn’t in the wind or the earthquake to Elijah but in that small quiet whisper 🙂

    You are one amazing woman!

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