Spring Cleaning?

Spring Cleaning


Are you into Spring Cleaning?

Is it getting to be that time and are you getting antsy since the weather is getting warmer? Are you starting to think about a garden? Got any plants started? Have any plans for day trips or excursions?

If you have little ones, are you planning on packing up their winter clothes? is it time to re-think one’s schedule as the sun is now up longer?

I love this time of  year. I love winter but I enjoy the coming of summer break.  I love to open my windows and allowing the fresh air in. I love the smell of newly mowed lawn and new beginnings.  Every year, we have a bird who nests near our front door and I love to listen for the newly hatched bird 🙂

I do a deep de-clutter several times of year and it is always around spring. I throw out  what we can’t use anymore and no one else can. I give away all I possibly can to those who need and packing away blankets and warm clothes in the garage for next year. And this usually leads me to do a spiritually de-clutter my life.

Spiritual Spring Cleaning

The Spiritually De-Clutter

I spend time a this point to evaluate my heart status. This being Lent, I tend to become introspective. I contemplate His sacrifice and find myself cleaning out the cobwebs that develop with my need for routines. I will spend time in prayer .. today in my devotions I read several times..,”Watch and pray that you may not enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.”(Mark 14:38, ESV) For me, I am being called to be still, wait at His feet and watch. I am called to pray. The more I pray, the more am becoming more like Him. I am allowing Him to start ‘spring cleaning’ me inside and out.

Enjoy the Process of Spring Cleaning

This spring, I implore you to enjoy the weather. Plan your activities and have them family based. Enjoy your family as they will grow fast. As your garden grows quickly and then fall arrives and harvest comes, so do your children grow fast and harvest will be here before you know it.  Hold onto memories. Let your babies play and make noise. Allow them to make mud pies and pot and pan bands. Let them become inspectors of bugs and butterflies. Enjoy your children! Time here is short. He gives us charge of our babies for such a short time compared to eternity and we will regret not allowing for memories and spring cleaning and dreaming!


Allow the Lord to clean out whatever needs to be shed or given away and allow Him to be in charge of the process.

God bless,

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Do you plan for spring cleaning? I would LOVE to hear of your plans. Come to www.proverbs31jewels.com and share your ideas and to do lists.


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  1. Thanks, Nancy. Spring is a wonderful time to set priorities and clean things out…esp our hearts! (And I agree about growing children. Cherish the moments! They build into days and years fast!)

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