Feasting on the Word

Feasting on the Word


feasting on the word


It is finally fall and we had a morning of rain. I live in California and we are in a serious drought. It smelled so refreshing. It is like  my little corner of the world was being washed clean. I’ve been noticing in our area, cardboard signs with the words, “Pray for Rain”.  We need rain, that is for sure, but I would also say, we need the rain to come to our soul..

How do we quench our souls?

Feasting on the Word

Girls, we must be in the Word of God. I know, I’m probably sounding like a broken record. I am always pushing reading His Word on ya.. but we must read it for all it’s worth and then read some more! It is a living and active book. We will never   be full if we are focused on it. We must be hungry for it. It nourishes the soul and frees the mind. We will find freedom if we know His Word!

As women, we are generally givers. We are able to see what others can miss. We are the nurturer and so often we do not take enough time to rejuvenate  our souls, and the only way to do this completely is spending time in His presence. It is imperative for our own good as well as those around us that we set aside time to find time worship and the word.

Do you take time for community? We are not called to be alone but to do this life, this ministry, yes, if you are alive in Christ, you are in ministry…. (we are all called to the Great Commission, but I digress), we are called to community. I have an opportunity to do both… come join us for a Beth Moore Bible Study, A Woman’s Heart, God’s Dwelling Place. We are starting next Saturday, October 4th!!!!  Join us at www.facebook.com/groups/proverb31jewels

Dear Ones,  now is the time to stay in the Word. Now is the time to put our relationship with the King first. It’s time to feast on the Word!

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