A Little THM and a Little That


A Little THM and a Little That

Dear ones!

I found a wonderful recipe that tastes so good! I might have put a little too much by accident, stevia and a touch too much of the peppermint extract which could account for the little aftertaste but it is sooo good!

Kitchen Image

I found it at Gwen’s Nest..

I am finding that I like this new life style change. I feel like I have more energy, it is real food, and I still can cook.

A little thm and a little that….

As for life, we are back at school.  Most know I do not fit in any box. I homeschool one, send another up to campus and all my older children are out of school or in college. Life is a bit hectic but we are finding our groove finally. How’s life for you this year?

I am not a typical mother… I’m not easily put in any box yet, can any of us be put in  a box? Are we not all unique as each family is uniquely created by Christ?  For the first time, I am seeing the ending in sight. My youngest is entering high school this year and it’s a bit unnerving. It is also a wonderful place to be. I am excited to see what God has in store for me as a mother.

For those who are sending off their babies to kindergarten, tears are flowing, I know. Your heart breaks out of pride and yes, it’s ok to admit, you miss them. I cried with all of mine. It’s normal and expected. As a homeschool momma, it’s ok to be scared and overwhelmed with the responsibility. What we need to do is rest in the knowledge that if we have covered our babies in prayer, if we have prayed with our husbands and you are united in their parenting, that He will give you the strength and joy as you all walk this road of a new school year.

I want to encourage you to take time to breathe. Take time to pray. Take time to worship and plan for your week. Planning with prayer is time well spent and will allow for an easier time as we send off our babies or school at home. Whatever your path this fall, may you know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are ordained for such a time as this..


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