An Invitation


An Invitation!

Invitation Proverbs 31 Jewels

We need friends. We  need sisters. We may not always get along, we may not always see the world from the same point of view, but we need each other.  God designed us to live life with others. He created us in His image and He is a relational Being and so are we.

I love bible study. I love it even more when I get to share it with other ladies.  There is something very precious to be able to share each other’s lives as we walk this journey, we call ‘life’. I love to learn more about the Word of God and to be able to learn from others is what it is all about for me. It is the Community that is built by walking together. We need each other.

Many of us are actually introverts. We are ‘ok’ on our own but in reality, even the shyest of persons still need interaction of others.

Fall is a time when many churches will roll out their new Bible Studies. It is a time of fresh beginnings and this is a great way to find community frankly, gathering together over a cup of coffee and a study is a wonderful way to connect. We have our own small groups called, House Church.

We live in a highly stressful world. We are asked to be on top of our game at all times. We all need encouragement of other women. We truly are not alone and we all face similar struggles. Whether we are at home full-time or work outside the home full-time. We all have the same desires, the same goals for our children and we all strive to be the best mother, wife, grand mother, sister, whoever He has called us to be.

Come and join a small group. I bet you can find one at your home church!If you do not have one you can join, We also have one online and I am inviting you to join us in our community but clicking on the Our Community link above 🙂  We are going through Beth Moore’s A Woman’s Heart together and you are most welcome to join in! When you join the facebook group, please find me, Nancy Adams, and let me know you would like to join our study! I’m so looking forward to meeting you!



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