A Colorful Idea

A Colorful Idea!

 colorful idea


For all those Mommies with young children, I caught a colorful idea online today. While it is not necessarily the healthiest idea, it would be a fun project that a young child could participate and enjoy. It comes from Little Things and I wish I had this idea when my children were little. I am saving this for grandchildren!


All you need is some different flavored jello, large marshmallows and water.


In my studying,  I’m doubling in Biblical and Theological Studies and Christian Counseling from Liberty University. One thing that is standing out in my counseling children and teens class is the effect of stress and how quickly our culture is changing. Parents today need to be grounded and remember, it is not necessarily how many toys a child has or how big a home he or she lives in but how precious our time spent with them is.

I am sure I have said this much too many times but here I go again.. Dear Ones, they grow so fast. In a blink of an eye they are in our arms and next  they are heading off to school. Be wise, be present and be a God-focused momma. This is not a stay at home or work outside the home piece of advice. It is a conscious choice every mother and father must make. I pray you chose wisely! Our children are a heritage of the Lord, and you, momma, are more precious than jewels!

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