The Lord is my Shepherd

Lord is my Shepherd


I am one blessed wife and mother! It is Memorial Day and most of my family is home.  I had ordered several wall decals of scripture, one a long time ago.  My beloved has taken the day off and we are fitteling around the home. He, along with my first-born daughter, have blessed me and put a couple of them up! We have been ‘blessing our home’ by hanging pictures which we took down when we painted, finishing up tasks which we have been putting off.

We are preparing for another transition. Another child is graduating from high school and another who has finished up and working full-time. That is four out of school and following their dreams into adulthood, leaving one left in high school. I am a proud mother.  The Lord truly is my Shepherd. He guides my every step as a mother and He guides each of my children’s steps.

Try as we may, we mothers  can not stop time.  As hard as we try, we need to remember that our children are truly His first and He guides their steps. He is their Shepherd. I am so appreciative of every moment now that my time as an active mother is starting to come to an end.  He is guiding as a Shepherd guides His sheep, as we transition into a new season with each child. I can rest assured in  His goodness. I can trust He has my children in His hands and cares for them more than even their father and I do.

The Lord is my Shepherd. He has my future in His hands. He is a good Father and I am His child,  I am blessed because my children are growing in the knowledge and love of Jesus. They also know Him as their Shepherd.  As I grow in Him, it is easier to let go of them into His care.

Five characteristics of a child in His hands

  1. We know His voice. We recognize when He speaks because we are in His Word.
  2. We choose to obey rather than our own way. We accept He knows best. He isn’t controlling, He is guiding our steps for our own benefit.
  3. When we are following Him, we are not worried about the future.
  4. When we  know our Shepherd, we will willingly trust and move out of our comfort zone and push forward towards our dreams.
  5. We will walk in faith and strength for we know our Shepherd has only our good in mind.

Dear ones, I wan to encourage you to know your Shepherd. Take time each day to purposely worship and dig into His Word. The more you do, the more you will recognize His voice of grace. He will lead you safely all your days and this will be an amazing example to your children. When you are in transition with each child, you can know that they too, are safely in His hands and when they are preparing to leave your nest, you too, can enjoy the memories.A Christian Mom Signature, word filled wednesday


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