Connecting with the Word!

Connecting to the Word

Dear Ones! It is TIME! It is time to start our Summer Bible Study and start Connecting with the Word! Time to grab some lemonade, your favorite Bible, markers and open it up to the book of Colossians! Ladies gathering around an online table to discuss and dig deep into the Word of God for us today!

Years ago, I was blessed to have read the book, What Happens when Women Pray. It changed my life. It left an long mark on my heart. Colossians is one of my favorite books in the Bible. Why not come and join us and find out why! Come to Proverbs 31 Jewels Bible Study. We are heading into a laid back, come when you can, Bible Study and We are Opening it up this week for everyone to join 🙂

Dear Ones, I want to encourage you to take some time for yourself!  The importance of building oneself up in the Lord is imperative as we have so much on our plates as women. We are responsible for so much that we must take time to renew, refresh and rejuvenate and that involves and starts with feeding our hearts and spirits with the Food of the Word. To grow up, to mature spiritually, we must become avid readers of the Bible, we must feast on His Word. Encounters with Christ only come from know the Word, which, He is. He is the Word. We become what we behold. We must focus our hearts on Him, the Word of God. We do not need to go it alone. We can grow with others!

I am a firm believer of the importance of community. We are not called to walk this life on our own. We are not called to ‘do church’ alone but all through out  the Bible, He called for His followers to come together to worship, read the Scriptures and build each other up. In our busy lives, it is all the more important not to forsake the assembling of the saints. Come and find friends and a sisterhood with other women from all different backgrounds and stories. It is open to all who call on the name of Jesus.

All you need is a Bible, a facebook account and you! Come and join us as we find out what His Word says to us today!

connecting with the word

To Join Us, find us here…Proverbs 31 Jewels Bible Study!

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