Faith Journaling!

faith journaling


Do you LOVE your Bible? Do you write in the margins? We do too! I have discovered this new fad.. faith journaling. Decorating His Words in the margins. Leaving a beautiful display of what He is saying to me in the margins of my favorite Bible.   His Word is thrilling, life-giving and words of Life itself! I love to dig deep.  One does not need expensive software program, while they are wonderful and yes, I love my bible software program, it is not needed to be able to find out what God’s Word says.  I love formal bible studies. I use them often and they have been instrumental in my learning,  but again, if I am not digging into His Word and only relying on someone else’s ideas, without reading for oneself’s it is limited.

With that said, there are some much-needed instruments and tools required for a good understanding of God’s Word.

  1. The Holy Spirit.  Without the inspiration and illumination of the Holy Spirit, all we gain is head knowledge. I want head and heart knowledge! I want to know all there is to know what the God of the universe, wants to teach me. I want to feast on the Word for it alone satisfies.
  2. A Good Bible Translation. When studying, grab a good study Bible of a good translation which is taken from the original Hebrew and Greek. Taken from the most recent texts, such as the ESV, NASB being a more literal or formal word for word translation or a phrase by phrase translation such as a NIV 1984 and even the KJV and NJKV but steer clear from the paraphrases such as a Living Bible, Amplified or the Message. While good Bibles for devotional, in my humble opinion, not a good option for serious studying.
  3. A Bible Dictionary and Encyclopedia.  In order to have a clear understanding of what the original writer intended to convey, one must have an understanding of the time, place of when he wrote and to whom he was writing to. We cannot separate the original purpose of the written word.
  4. A Concordance.   Unless you are well versed in the original languages, we will need to understand what the original words meant.
  5. Pens and a Pretty Notebook.  These are fun but not necessary. But, I like to keep track of what I am learning and gleaning from His Word. I have also discovered the love of faith journaling. See, back in the day, we would just write notes in the margins. Now, there are many examples on Pinterest of faith journaling which is creatively decorating your notes in the margins of your bible 🙂

Now, entering the reason for this post. We are moving our bible studies online. We are picking a book in the New Testament to go through together. We are going to take a chapter a week and learn together. Come and join us! Proverbs 31 Jewels Bible Study!

in His Love,

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