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Dear Ones,

I am a mom to two wonderful girls. I have been about the task of raising Proverbs 31 Jewels for 25 years now. They have grown up to be strong and gracious women after God’s own heart. I was honored to listen to my youngest daughter give a devotion that she wrote at her Baccalaureate yesterday. She has served as the ASB Chaplain this past year and she took her position seriously. Starting up home groups for serious Bible study, finding ways to get outside the four walls of her school to help reach those who do not know Jesus, she is already making a stab at the great commission that we are all called to.

My oldest is called to teach. She has graduated and is pursuing her dream. She is going to leave eternal marks on the young children who come into her path for Jesus. She will share wisdom, knowledge and the love of the Savior to tiny hearts. She is also fulfilling the call of the great commission in her lifetime.

They did not just become Jewels 🙂 They have been growing into it for many years. The more they walk with Jesus, the more they ‘become like whom they hang with’.  I am a very blessed mother and am feeling a little sappy for they are gearing up to leave my nest and follow their dreams that He has invested into them. I am excited for them! They are launching into a culture which desperately needs Jesus and they know they are called to bring the Good News to them.

What is a Jewel?

Jewels are strong and committed women. Jewels are devoted to Jesus Christ. They have a true understanding of God’s amazing grace and know they are valued and treasured by the King of kings. Jewels are not simply called to be at home but they are called to take the gospel into all the world. Jewels come from backgrounds and each one has a story of our own. As Jewels, we know that He calls for us to be priests of the Most High and be women of excellence.  We are women of the Word and we are women of worth.

I am going to bask in the last summer with all my ‘chicks’ in my nest. I am going to sit back and ponder all the good things He has given my family. I have a lot to be grateful for. All my Jewels 🙂

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