Summer Reading List

summer reading list

My Summer Reading List

Blessings! It is time to be able to grab some coffee, sweet tea or fruit flavored water and a good book.  Lazy days and sleepy mornings, perfect time to read some books just for fun. I’m in between my classes at Liberty University so I’m reading a lot this summer, (aka.. NO TEXTBOOKS!) Here’s my summer reading list!

The Jesus-Hearted Woman

A great book on growing in Jesus focused leadership.  Written by Jodi Detrick, it is written with wit and honesty. I highly recommend it. This has been on my shelf for several years. I am finally getting to it. I am enjoying it and it is challenging me.

On recommendation of my husband. He finished it quickly and says it is a good book for a good debate 🙂 It deals with issues that many of us have grown up believing. Our view of Christ, Israel and Prophecy. I am looking forward to getting to read this!

While I’m on break, that doesn’t mean I’m not studying 🙂 I’m gathering information for a new study. I love to study His Word. I love to read what others have gleaned from it.

and finally


I love to write in my margins.. I believe the Bible is to be interactive 🙂 A great read 🙂


what’s on  your list?

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