Who is the Proverbs 31 Woman?


Proverbs 31 Woman I am certainly surprised on how easily we are using this passage to condemn ourselves. I love to watch people. As a young woman, I watched other women and listened to their stories. I would judge my own story by theirs. I would judge my own worth and value by their abilities and talents while down playing the value of my own.

This is a common story in the church. Women judge each other harshly sometimes and we can easily downplay our own worth.  We believe another one’s gifts or talents are of higher value than what God has gifted is us with. We hide behind plastic faces and fake person as because we are afraid to share our frailties with our sisters in Christ.

How are we displaying God’s radical grace and unending love if we are not first giving ourselves grace and loving others without judgment? Why do we hide behind masks instead of living in true community?

I believe we are afraid of true friendship. It requires complete honesty.  If we desire closeness with another person, it demands transparency and that can be terrifying to acknowledge that we do not meet the challenges and requirements of what we think the Proverbs 31 Woman is.

So much has been written on what constitutes a Proverbs 31 Woman. She is portrayed as  the perfect example of what each woman is called to be. She is rather intimidating..This woman, this example of what King Lemuel was told to use as an ideal woman is, in unattainable! How can one person achieve so much!

but she is not:

  • strictly a stay at home wife and mother
  • strictly a working outsider wife and mother
  • a radical feminist
  • a radical doormat
  • a set mold. She was not the original Stepford wife.
  • have to be a married woman

She is..

  • A Christ Follower
  • a strong woman
  • a loyal woman
  • an industrious woman
  • a woman of wisdom
  • a woman who loves others sincerely
  • a woman who is generous with her time, money, and service
  • a woman of grace
  • a woman who knows her God and fully trusts in Him. She is a woman who fears the Lord and she will be praised.

How perfect do we have to be? Are we really expected to meet this incredible example of a woman who appears to be unattainable? Are we called to meet each ability or is this meant to be something else? Why do we think we are called to be carbon copies of each other? He created each woman to be a unique work of art from the Master Artist.

The Real Proverbs 31 Woman is always other focused because He is other focused. She is a lady who finds joy in the care and nurture of others. She knows she has flaws and allows her Maker to use them to mold her heart and mind into His desired creation.  I believe it is time that we shed this cookie cutter idea of what a Proverbs 31 Woman is. She is not just someone else, She is unique and a beautiful creation, designed with her own gifts and her own talents. She is comfortable in her own skin and treasures the abilities of others. She is whole only in Jesus and is a treasure to all who find her 🙂

Are you game for a transformation?


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