What’s in Your Basket?

What’s in Your Basket?

what's in your basket

Do you have a Bible Study Basket? Do you have a special place in which you spend time in study and in prayer? This isn’t a new topic but as its Fall, and I am preparing for a new season of studies, I am replenishing my stash 🙂 I am always looking to keep my life in balance and the only way I know to do this is to keep myself on my knees in worship and a life focused on the Savior.

I have a green basket which is in my study/library. I have a desk, my laptop and supplies there but when I am having my time in the secret place, I would rather not be in scholar mode, if you know what I mean 🙂

In this basket I have my Bible, sometimes I will use two because one is strictly a Prayer Bible and sometimes I want to go deeper into a meaning of a word or I will allow myself to use my Bible Software but this almost defeats  my purpose for my quiet time for me.

I have my prayer journal which I write out my prayers and thoughts. I also free write my heart in this journal. I keep track on what I’m reading and what the Lord is speaking to me that day.  It can be fascinating to go back when an answer has happened and record it. It becomes a private record of my walk with Christ and also an encouragement for all it possesses in answers to prayers!

I have several pens.. My personal favorites are friXion erasable and micron pens.. both will not leak through the pages of my Bible. I circle, note down a date when a particular verse stands out etc. And I always have miniature sticky notes!

whats in your basket


I also have gel color highlighter and mark my Bible in accordance to the inductive study process. It is amazing to me how precious this time becomes.  If I am working on a Bible Study that I am teaching or leading, I do not use this time for serious study. This is my basket for devotional reading, Reading for the sole purpose of feeding my heart. It does not need to be restricted to any particular time or place but for me, it is precious . Focuses my heart and day.

What's in your baskrt

Here is a post for creating a journal for Bible Study, I highly recommend it!

What’s in Your Basket?

**Starting off with a disclaimer** I was up all night thinking about this post :/ This basket is for my devotional reading so please do not think I have changed and given up on true Bible Study. I AM a Word Nerd as Wendy Pope is known to say. Having  a separate quiet time for me is a personal choice of connecting. I am in no way disparaging Biblical Scholarship for my devotional reading will lead to that **

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