FriendsThere is nothing more precious and valuable than a  close friend. God created each one of us to live in community. Even myself and I am a confirmed introvert! I am more comfortable sitting in a corner and people watch than participate in the conversation. Even I, crave community.  For me, coffee and sistas go hand in hand!

Ask yourself these questions

What do you look for in a friend?

What traits are important?

Do you always look for long-term friendships are you able to accept that sometimes friendships are only for a season? This last question has always been rather hard for me. But, it is true and it is just part of life. Sometimes we have something to teach someone else or be taught a new truth, and they served their purpose. It’s ok. Learn and grow and bless them!

Like Ruth and Naomi, we as women are made for community, we thrive on it! We find worth in our relationships, and we can grow deeper as Christians with a good accountability sista. Ever struggle with a sin that you did not want to be shared? Did you find a friend to partner with you? How’d it work for you? Odds are, you were successful, for when two or more are gathered in His name, there He will also be .

But, when we find friends who are for a lifetime, that is a treasure. And we all have one. Jesus. He is our friend for a lifetime. I want to be called like Abraham or Enoch. I want to be called His friend.  I want to know Him. Know Him.  To know and experience Him in relationship so close that I know what He wants me to do at every step of my life. This is possible for anyone who desires this!

When you have a chance, reach out and meet someone new, extend the hand of hospitality. You may never know where you will find your newest friend. Why not find a friend? Join us in our Online Community!

Stay in contact as we have a surprise coming in the next few months!

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