Summertime Tip

Hey girls! Summer is in full swing. Tis the season for hot dogs, apple pie and yes, you guessed it…that shimmering golden carb lovers dream…CORN ON THE COB! Take a look at what I found to make preparing these blinding nuggets as easy as 1-2-3! Shucking Corn – Clean Ears Every Time     Related… Read More

Work / Life Balance…Does it exist? cont.

As I began to strategize about how to deliver a well-balanced and “intelligent” message about the struggles of women in the work place I had a brilliant epiphany. CREATE A TABLE! After all, everyone knows in order to present anything worthwhile you simply must have a table, if not an entire slide show presentation. So… Read More

Work / Life Balance…does it exist?

What's On Your List?

Work/Life Balance..does it exist? I was recently asked to be a panelist for a women’s group discussion on how to balance work and life and if it’s even possible. My initial response was that I surely had nothing to offer these wonderful women in my church because I have never found “it’. My husband said,… Read More