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I was excited to receive a copy of Tracie Peterson’s Chasing the Sun to review. It was a wonderful book to read! I could hardly put it down once I started reading!

This is a wonderfully written story of faith and love. The story takes place in Civil War era Texas and it’s tell in g of Hannah Dandridge. She is a young lady who is raising her younger brother and sister while waiting for their father to return from a trip to Vicksburg. She lives on the ranch with the help of Berto, a ranch hand and his family.

Enter the villain, Mr Lockhart who has designs for Hannah and the ranch. He was a business partner, a lawyer with her father. Her father brought them to Texas after the death of his second wife, the mother of Marty and Andy.

The ranch is owned by Hannah’s father who gained it after the previous owner’s left to fight in the union army. The Confederacy took it and gave it to Mr Dandridge for his contribution in the war effort.

William Barnett is the lone survivor of the previous owners. He returns, injured, disgruntled with God  and tired of the war he wanted to part of only to find his ranch given away. If this is not bad enough, there is always a threat of Comanche attacks.

With this dramatic backdrop, is a story of a young lady who holds onto her faith, even when her future is uncertain and frightening. A story of intrigue and love and I highly recommend it.


I picked up the book, and I was immediately drawn into her heart and  her love for those around her. I admired her strength and willingness to just follow God no matter what the people around her thought. Her determination was inspiring and I had a hard time putting down the book! I will be reading part two!

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