What’s On Your List?

What’s On Your List?   Rest. To Do Lists. New Year’s Resolutions.. Crazy thing to be needing right now, but we all need rest. We all need to re-group sometimes.  We started off by taking a treasured trip as a family. Yesterday, we visited a wonderful church, a church we previously served at and it… Read More

Crock Pot Parmessan Chicken.. It’s What’s For Dinner!

This is a family favorite :O)   It’s super easy! Take your thawed chicken breasts and bread them with egg or oil and flour. Brown on both sides and then layer in a crock pot with chicken and spaghetti sauce, chicken and sauce.         Cook on low for 8-10 hours and serve… Read More

OAMC Day Two

      Ladies,   I hope this information is a blessing to you! One of the joys of this system is that you can have a friend join you and you split  the bill and meals and share all the fun and laughter of girlfriends in one kitchen! You could teach your children some… Read More