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As you may know, I am on a journey to wellness in all areas of my life. This is taking me down a road to learn more of essential oils. I have been using a few for a long time in my homemade laundry soaps and cleaners but I’m expanding my learning base and been starting to use them for all areas of my life.

I hope to share what I’m learning with you!  I have started by signing up with Young Living Essential Oils to be able to purchase at a discount. So, with his being said, the oils I will be sharing will be from Young Living.

I started with purchasing a basic supply. Oils for every day use..

I diffuse most oils.. My favorites are Frankincense first thing in the morning while I am having my devotions. I also have Peppermint diffusing later on when our school day starts. Peppermint helps with mental sharpness. It also helps with digestive issues and helps us feel full after meals which helps with our dieting!

I will be adding lessons in Living Naturally with Essential Oils as I grow in my own knowledge. Welcome to the Journey With Me!





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