Once a Month Cooking

Once a Month Cooking is a revolutionary method of cooking which saves time and money! Want to have fun in the mix? Invite a friend to join you and you both go home with meals in the freezer! There are several methods. Easiest is to just double the meal you are making each night and then freeze one.  This is the longest method as well. Or you can spend one day shopping, for either two week’s menu or a month. Then you spend the day after shopping cooking. It saves on running out at the last-minute when you forgot to pull something out to thaw. It is already cooked and ready to be heated up!  Here are some tips to get you started.  

  •  plan out your meals with your family’s favorite recipe
  • organize and clean out your pantry to see what you have already on hand. 
  • Organize your cooking area and clean off your counters. You will need space! Also, take note of how many baking dishes and Tupperware type containers you have.
  • stock up on aluminum foil, freezer bags and baking dishes.
  • make your list and wear comfortable shoes, this will take some time!
  • Head to the grocery store or warehouse store early. Come and put your stuff away and prepare for tomorrow. Leave out your cans, have your dishes and bowls all cleaned and run your dishwasher. 
  • Empty your dishwasher the night before and soak your feet 🙂
Cooking Day!
  •  Pre cook your hamburger, your chicken if need be, any meat that goes in your recipe already cooked.
  • Chop all your fruits or vegetables. You will be assembly line cooking today!
  • You can also cook up chicken and meat for tacos and fajita and place them in freezer bags. 
  • The goal is to assemble as many casseroles or meals at the same time. You will find that you will be cleaning a lot of dishes today! 
  • Another trick if you need space is to layer baking dishes in aluminum foil and flash freeze. Freeze til hard but you can still pull out the food with the foil underneath. Then double wrap with foil and freeze. You have your baking dish back and this also saves on room in the freezer.
Here’s a recipe from my kitchen. Mrs A’s Spaghetti Sauce. This makes several recipes. Lasagna, spaghetti, manicotti, etc.
5 pounds of hamburger,(can be 3 pounds hamburger, 2 pounds italian ground sausage, this is my fav)  browned with garlic and chopped onion. Season with italian seasonings.  Add one pound of chopped mushrooms, 3 cans italian stewed tomatoes and green pepper, chopped. Let simmer for a few hours and cool. Freeze in freezer bags.
More Recipes to Come!

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