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 July 24th, 2012


      Summertime is here and it brings back a lot of memories for me.  I can remember family vacations with my parents and the little things they  did to make it special. Like my Dad bringing a rope and a piece of wood to make a swing in an old tree and my mom letting me use the sheets to make a tent.

 I remember camping trips  in the summer with my children. Camp fires and telling stories, bike rides and swimming in the lake. I am remembering how the first step into the water was so cold. There are so many wonderful memories.

Now, my son and Mrs A are creating their own special summer moments. Priceless for them and their children. 

Memories of yesterday-remembered

Being able to hear their stories-a blessing


Blessings and Happy Summer Memories,




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It’s Mother’s Day weekend! Here’s another addition of Gram’s Corner 🙂


Mother’s Day, 

A day for our children to remember us either with gifts of flowers or lunch or memory makers.How wonderful it is to be loved and cherished by those we love. As for me, I believe my best gift is remembering the life of our child and the blessings the Lord has given us.

I will be going to church with Mrs A, my son and grandchildren to celebrate Mother’s Day. I hope you have the same opportunity.

Blessings to all and Happy Mother’s Day,




Blessings!  I was sitting in Mrs A’s car waiting for one of my grandsons to go to his wrestling tournament and I received a text on my phone with no name. It just had a number and the word, “hi.”  So I started to look through my contacts to figure out who it was and I got another text.  It read, “Look behind you, Gram.”  It was my  grandson, T4 sitting there with a big smile on his face, making my day.   

Thank You, Lord for the blessing of a smile.

Blessing to all, 







For the first three weeks of the New Year, God has had me on a journey that only He could have planned for my life. I stayed for a time and watched my grandchildren while  Ms A and her husband went  on a family vacation. I found  there re things I can still do. It might take a little longer but I get it done. I also found my patience gets tested easier.  But I pass the test!

We are not as young as we used to be and that is ok. You do not have to be anything other than who you are! Do not be afraid of a new journey. Have faith and do not question God’s plan for you as all will come together for a wonderful blessed time!






How do I start? What can I say? 

After much prayer and hearing the thoughts God sent to me, here it goes.


Hello! Welcome to Gram’s Corner!


I am Linda Adams, better known to everyone as Gram.  Nancy Adams is my Daughter in law, more like my daughter and she has asked me to be a part of Christian Moms Online. 

I have five grand children and they are the joy of my life.

Remember, Grandparents, It is no the amount of gifts you bring on Christmas Day. It is all about the greatest Gift of all, the Birth of a CHild tha the Lord gave to us and the gifts He gives to us.


Come and chat with me and let’s get to know each other! I will even have my own ‘forum’.. come and join me there!






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