But, God!

Love Hope Joy

  Ever wonder why the world is in such disarray? When life is upside down, when life is so difficult, it is hard to breathe, ever wonder why? I know I have. When a child strays from home or when a husband loses his job, we want to cry out, BUT WAIT! .. when reading… Read More

Coffee, Friends and Circles

    I love this time of year! I am itching to pull out my sweaters and cold weather recipes. This season has turned out so far to be really busy. Not sure why I believed the thought, “Hey, when the children grow older and become more self-sufficient, life will be easier”.  Oh, was I… Read More

Ramblings and Blessings from my Kitchen

I am blessed to have a motivated husband. He desires to protect and provide for his family and he’s already preparing for spring. So we are preparing our garden already. Our fruit trees should provide well this season and we are planning our garden and picking out seeds. Are you gathering your seeds magazines yet?… Read More