Connecting with the Word!

Connecting to the Word

Dear Ones! It is TIME! It is time to start our Summer Bible Study and start Connecting with the Word! Time to grab some lemonade, your favorite Bible, markers and open it up to the book of Colossians! Ladies gathering around an online table to discuss and dig deep into the Word of God for… Read More

Faith Journaling!

Bible Studies

  Do you LOVE your Bible? Do you write in the margins? We do too! I have discovered this new fad.. faith journaling. Decorating His Words in the margins. Leaving a beautiful display of what He is saying to me in the margins of my favorite Bible.   His Word is thrilling, life-giving and words… Read More

Be Quiet and Wait

Be Quiet

Be Quiet and Wait How hard is it for you to be quiet and wait? I mean, to take time and really be still? To steal away and be by yourself and God..this is something that used to come natural to me. I am an introvert by nature yet with my life transitioning into a… Read More

Be Yourself!

Be Yourself!   Do you compare yourself with others? I think we all must from time to time. It starts when we are young girls, playing on the playground. We assess our value against another’s ability to twirl, hang up-side-down on the bars or what they are wearing. It only moves forward as we grow… Read More