This Week’s Intentional Homemaking Blog Post ..March 30th

This Weeks Intentional Homemaking Challenge: The book Creative Counterpart by Linda Dillow has some excellent questions for wives to answer about their own husbands.   This weeks challenge is to answer these questions about your husband – and then find some time to share your answers with your husband. You’ll both be blessed! If you… Read More

The Homeschool Mother’s Journal, March 24th Ed

                                                                           If you would like to join in, visit !   In my life this week…I have refocusing… Read More

Intentional Homemaking

a christian mom

I have signed up for another blog hop and this linked up with Today, I’m writing on the importance of being at home.  I’m not making a case for women never to leave their homes and to be enslaved to the house. But our greatest ministry is in our homes to our loved ones.… Read More