My Summer Bucket List-Monday!

Summer Bucket List

My Goodness but it’s Summer already! Did your school year pass by fast? Mine sure did! I blinked and it was Christmas. Blinked again and it was Easter. Blinked a third time and it’s July! I have a lot on my bucket list. Do you? If you would like to read and join in the… Read More

Do the Next Thing

Do The Next Thing   Do the next thing is a favorite phrase of mine. I don’t say it to anyone. But I hear Him tell me this … It comes from  a poem by the same name, written by Elizabeth Elliot. You can read it here…   It seems simple. But it works. Whenever life… Read More

Children are a Heritage

Ever have one of those days that you cherish being a momma? That everything you say seems to be just what they need to hear? When you are teaching a subject that they have been struggling and then the “light’ turns on and they finally overcome their obstacle? All seems right with the world and… Read More

Joys of Homeschooling


  Dear Ones, I, Mrs A am blessed to be able to homeschool two of my sons. I have homeschooled all of my children at one point of their lives and I would never change it. We have dug into history this year with gusto and created shields and cannons. We have focused on Explorers… Read More