Connecting with the Word!

Connecting to the Word

Dear Ones! It is TIME! It is time to start our Summer Bible Study and start Connecting with the Word! Time to grab some lemonade, your favorite Bible, markers and open it up to the book of Colossians! Ladies gathering around an online table to discuss and dig deep into the Word of God for… Read More

A Mom’s Heart-Time to Celebrate You, Mom!

   A Mom’s Heart Celebrating a Mom’s Heart Dear Ones! As we approach Mother’s Day, we have much to celebrate!  A Mom’s Heart is full. Full of joy, excitement of times to come and pleasant memories from our past. If you are a new mother, allow your loved ones to share their love for you.… Read More

Confessions of an Uptight Mother


  Confessions of an Uptight Mother Have you ever felt that you are about to lose it? That the events of your day have gotten on your last nerve?  Have you found yourself being a grump and a mother with a ‘tude instead of being a mother filled with joy?  We love our families and… Read More