A Colorful Idea

a colorful idea

A Colorful Idea!   For all those Mommies with young children, I caught a colorful idea online today. While it is not necessarily the healthiest idea, it would be a fun project that a young child could participate and enjoy. It comes from Little Things and I wish I had this idea when my children were… Read More

Do The Next Thing-Again

Do The Next Thing    Again! I have shared this before but it is a wonderful poem, worthy of re-reading and re-posting. I pray it blesses you! A poem quoted by Elisabeth Elliot   Do The Next Thing “At an old English parsonage down by the sea, there came in the twilight a message to… Read More

Confessions of an Uptight Mother


  Confessions of an Uptight Mother Have you ever felt that you are about to lose it? That the events of your day have gotten on your last nerve?  Have you found yourself being a grump and a mother with a ‘tude instead of being a mother filled with joy?  We love our families and… Read More