Simple Red Potato Mashed Potatoes

Here’s my favorite simple mashed potatoes. I really dislike boxed mashed but have used them when  time was tight but here’s my answer to that!!! I usually have a big bag of red potatoes around. Cut them up and boil them with the skins on until they are soft.  Remove from heat and drain well.  Mash up… Read More

Homemade Shake and Bake

    This was the easiest recipe I have tried and it was so good! Keep in mind, with exception of the bread crumbs and oil, all other spices were by sight and these are just estimates. You can adjust to your liking.   4 cups plain bread crumbs 2-3 tsp garlic 1/2 cup veggie… Read More

Ramblings and Blessings from my Kitchen

I am blessed to have a motivated husband. He desires to protect and provide for his family and he’s already preparing for spring. So we are preparing our garden already. Our fruit trees should provide well this season and we are planning our garden and picking out seeds. Are you gathering your seeds magazines yet?… Read More

Homemade Goodness-Pheasant and Rice Soup

I have found a good chicken soup that I am adapting.. The original recipe is called Virus Killing Soup found at Eat at Home.  My husband and boys have been hunting  lately and we have been enjoying their rewards 🙂  So, I have adapted the recipe Start with.. 4 pheasants 10 cloves of garlic (… Read More