Frugal Recipes… Make Your Own Soap!

I have a frugal blessing for you! I originally received this from my dear friend at Marmee’s Pantry Homemade Dishwasher Soap equal parts of Borax Baking Soda if it leaves some spots, just a couple of drops of liquid dish soap or what I use, a few drops of pure Camimille soap To Shine Chrome in… Read More

Mrs A’s Homemade Applesauce


Ingredients   6 granny smith green apples 6 red delicious apples 6 fugi apples Skin and cut apples in to bite sized chunks. Add several tbl if you like of cinnamon and about one inch of water on the bottom of your sauce pan. Turn heat onto medium and allow the apples to soften. Mash… Read More

Mrs A’s Pistachio Salad

2 large packages of jello’s pistachio instant pudding 1 large container coolwhip 1 small jar cherries ( drained, chopped, optional) 1 small package chopped nuts 1 package of small marshmallows 2 large cans, drained well, crushed pineapple  Mix all ingredients  and let set overnight preferably. Enjoy Related posts:Homeskilling Finds and Goodies!Motherhood is a Ministry Series,… Read More

Mrs.Rooster’s Meatloaf!

Oh ladies, I just LOVE THIS!  After posting Gram’s Meatloaf, I found we love meatloaf!!!  Mrs Rooster, a sister from shared her recipe and has graciously allowed me to share it! Thank you dear one!!!   This sounds good. Here is my meatloaf recipe: diced green pepper diced onion 1 can Hunts w/mushrooms bread… Read More