Motherhood is a Ministry

Motherhood is a Ministry Series

  Dear Ones, I have been writing on this subject for many years.. this is a subject near and dear to my heart 🙂 I want to be an encouragement to those who would read my blog. This is why I started blogging years ago, though I didn’t realize that is what I was doing.… Read More

Repost..A Measure of a Life

  Oh dear one, Do you ever wonder if you are making a difference? In the grand scheme of God’s world, if you are leaving any kind of lasting impression on those around you? Does the every day meals, the cleaning and laundry and the wiping of noses matter in this world? God gives mothers a high and noble calling.… Read More

The SAHM Vs WOHM Battle..Who Wins?

a christian mom

Sahm vs Wohm.. who wins? The battle lines have been drawn. The line in the sand is getting deeper and it’s nothing new. This is one of identities and straight to each woman’s heart.  The war of Stay at Home Moms and The Moms in the Workplace. I do not believe God ever intended this… Read More

Work / Life Balance…does it exist?

What's On Your List?

Work/Life Balance..does it exist? I was recently asked to be a panelist for a women’s group discussion on how to balance work and life and if it’s even possible. My initial response was that I surely had nothing to offer these wonderful women in my church because I have never found “it’. My husband said,… Read More