Be Yourself!

Be Yourself!   Do you compare yourself with others? I think we all must from time to time. It starts when we are young girls, playing on the playground. We assess our value against another’s ability to twirl, hang up-side-down on the bars or what they are wearing. It only moves forward as we grow… Read More

What’s On Your List?

What’s On Your List?   Rest. To Do Lists. New Year’s Resolutions.. Crazy thing to be needing right now, but we all need rest. We all need to re-group sometimes.  We started off by taking a treasured trip as a family. Yesterday, we visited a wonderful church, a church we previously served at and it… Read More

Christmas Worship

Dear Ones!   Christmas is such a wonderful and busy time, let’s not forget to worship!!   Enjoy! While we are preparing, planning and trying not to pass out, take time to combine your Christmas Worship together! remember to spend time worshiping the King! Related posts:Motherhood is a Ministry Series, Day FourOwn Your Zone!All Things… Read More

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